After Jill Biden’s Embarrassing ‘Parade’ With 4 Cars, Trump Supporters in Ohio Turn Out THOUSANDS (Video)

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by Samantha Foster

Yesterday, as we reported, Joe Biden spent the day in his Delaware basement — nursing his bruised ego after his “Despacito” blunder at a “Hispanic Outreach” event in Florida.

Instead Joe sent his wife Jill to campaign, in New Hampshire, and it didn’t go any better for her.

Democrats held a “car parade” for Jill Biden…and perhaps 3 or 4 cars even showed up!

It was a huge embarrassment…

Well over in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump supporters decided to hold a REAL car parade for their president.

And the turnout was spectacular…THOUSANDS of cars filled the highways for several hours, bedecked with flags and signs…

According to the organizing group’s Facebook page, at 7,300 people said they attended the parade, but some claimed the huge crowds put totals over 15,000.

And after the massive turnout of this rally, additional car parades have been scheduled in Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus in the next few weeks.

Last week, Latinos for Trump held a rally in Florida…

But the Biden campaign couldn’t even be bothered to PAY more than a handful of people to turn out for the nominee’s WIFE herself!



4 thoughts on “After Jill Biden’s Embarrassing ‘Parade’ With 4 Cars, Trump Supporters in Ohio Turn Out THOUSANDS (Video)

  1. Jill Biden is a breathtakingly nasty, self-serving, malignant narcissist. She broke up her own marriage when she set her cap for him. She is just a mediocre teacher but goes BALLISTIC if anyone does not address her as ‘Doctor’. Doctorates in education are a dime a dozen. NOW She has her cap set on being FLOTUS and could CARE LESS if it kills her husband. She is loathed and reviled by the campaign staff and enjoys making life and work miserable for everyone.

  2. This criticism isn’t fair. If Joe had been there you’d have seen TWICE as many cars!

    (Don’t Dems have a campaign HQ in that area? Don’t those staffers have cars? Well, maybe not.)

    I do like the way the Biden campaign uses the exact “3 red stripes” insignia of Communist China on the campaign signs.

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