Democrats PANIC as Public Support For BLM Drops, Majority Now Consider Unrest ‘Riots’ Not ‘Protests’

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by Joe Callen

Despite the media’s constant portrayal of Black Lives Matter “protests” as peaceful and loving, more and more Americans are learning the truth about this violent, Marxist movement, and support is starting to plummet.

And for Democrats who embrace, fund, and bail BLM thugs out of jail — with under 50 days to a pivotal national election — the timing could not be worse…as Nancy Pelosi demonstrated with a stunning speech today.

New polls from Pew Research and Fox News show support for the Black Lives Matter movement has dropped by 12 points since mid-summer, and a majority of voters now qualify the unrest in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin, as “riots” and not “protests.”

At the height of the summer, when anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests were happening in almost every major American city — and heralded by the media at every step — support for the Black Lives Matter movement hit an all-time high of 67%, per Pew Research.

But as the summer wore on, though, and large-scale demonstrations gave way to violence and destruction, support for the movement as a whole dropped by more than 10%.

Pew reports:

“A majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. The share who say they strongly support the movement stands at 29%, down from 38% three months ago.”

And the decline isn’t just among white adults. Pew notes that Hispanics contacted for the poll also expressed waning support for the movement…

“The recent decline in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly notable among White and Hispanic adults. In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support,” Pew said. “The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today.”


BLM “protester” holds a sign in Memphis near courthouse fires

Violence under the BLM banner in cities such as Minneapolis, Memphis, Seattle, Portland and Kenosha — mostly hidden by the news — has made its way to social media and alternative news sites, and have informed a startled public on the truth of BLM’s violent means and ends.

In Kenosha, BLM protesters knocked out police with bricks, and destroyed hundreds of businesses, and the media could not hide it anymore.

Despite their best efforts…

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Now “protests” seen as the riots they are by a majority of likely American voters, per FoxNews:

“More voters consider the unrest in three US cities stemming from Black Lives Matter demonstrations to be riots rather than protests,” the New York Post reports citing a Fox News poll. “The poll, published Sunday, found that 48 percent of likely voters surveyed described violence in New York, Portland, and Kenosha, Wisconsin to be riots, compared to 40 percent who saw them as protests.

And Democrats are feeling the heat as support for their BLM allies goes South.

Just hours after these two polls were released, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has refused to denounce the rioting for over 3 months, took to the House floor to do just that…

You can only imagine how must worse Democrat “internal” polls from swing states about BLM must be for her to do this.

She has a thin House majority to hang on to, and lawless, leftist mobs attacking police in the street is not helping one bit.


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