Joe Biden Just Told a Lie at His Town Hall – That He ADMITTED Was a Lie… 33 YEARS AGO!

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by Sam Rostock

The media loves to present Joe Biden as “Good Ol’ Joe”, a likable, honest, decent man you can trust.

Nothing could be further from the truth…Biden has always been a shameless serial liar, and plagiarist.

But Joe’s been in politics so long — 47 years! — that most Americans either forgot, or weren’t around when he showed it.

At CNN’s town hall Thursday evening, Biden proved Mark Twain’s adage: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

Biden told a lie to the audience that he got CAUGHT lying about over 3 decades ago!

Biden once again claimed that he was “the first person in my family to go to college.”


I guess Joe didn’t remember he already got busted!

Well the NYTimes archive remembers…September 18, 1987, exactly 33 years to the day…

That admission came during Biden’s disastrous 1988 Presidential campaign, when he was forced to drop out in disgrace because of being caught in numerous lies and instances of blatant word-for-word plagiarism of the speeches of numerous politicians without credit.

Here’s a devastating video summary of Joe’s lies back then — when America actually had honest journalists — which you will never see covered by the fake news media today:


4 thoughts on “Joe Biden Just Told a Lie at His Town Hall – That He ADMITTED Was a Lie… 33 YEARS AGO!

  1. I love how Trump can hit Biden on things he said decades ago, lol. Biden is a career do-nothing politician as evidenced by the total lack of results.

  2. Wasn’t Joe awarded the “Poli-Sci Student of the Year” award?

    Didn’t he Graduate in the top half of his class?

    Didn’t Joe get the only Full Scholarship in his Program?

    Didn’t Joe graduate with TWO Degrees?

    Oh – wait…..

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