With Joe Biden Back in the Basement, Wife Jill Hosts a ‘Car Parade’ — And It Did NOT Go Well (Video)

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by Samantha Foster

Joe Biden spent a mere 6 hours in the state of Florida yesterday — and the only thing he had to show for it was a cringey pandering embarrassment at a “Latino Outreach” meeting — playing “Despacito” on his cell phone and becoming a national joke all day Wednesday.

So understandably, tired and humiliated, he retreated to his basement, where he spent the day. No appearances. No press conference. No questions. (in other words, like most of Joe’s days.)

So the campaign figured it could change the subject by sending his wife Jill Biden to New Hampshire to campaign instead.

At least she has the stamina for it.

But the “campaigning” was as lackluster as Joe’s!

First Jill spoke at a barn full of hay in Bedford before a (literal) handful of people, presumably politicians, along side Mr. Kamala Harris:

Wow, thrilling! But it got even better!

Her next event was in Manchester, where Democrats held a “car parade”.

But it did NOT go the way they expected…

There were at least four cars. But not much more than that!

How embarrassing. Look at the media cameras in the video….they outnumbered the cars in the “parade”!

At least they weren’t playing “Despacito.”

Seriously…they couldn’t PAY more people to show up? You almost feel sorry for Jill.

My son’s lemonade stand had more traffic last weekend!

Now THIS is a car parade….

Heck, there were more TRUMP supporters “welcoming” Joe Biden to Florida yesterday than participants in Jill’s event…

What a dumpster fire is the Democrat Presidential campaign in 2020.


3 thoughts on “With Joe Biden Back in the Basement, Wife Jill Hosts a ‘Car Parade’ — And It Did NOT Go Well (Video)

  1. LMAO! AFTER the first 3 pathetic cars rolled by did you see the 4 guys run to quickly block.off the road?? Well we had a huge long contingent of Trump supporters with vehicles following their pitiful display and they actually had us stopped/blocked on a public street by their own private workers! Can you say ‘illegal’???

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