BREAKING: Mailed-In Ballots Found Tossed in DITCH in Swing-State GOP District

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by Joe Callen

A large batch of mail, including many mailed-in ballots, were discovered in a ditch along a Wisconsin road on Tuesday.

Fox 11 reported

 the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office said three trays were found in a ditch early in the morning.

The mail was found “near the intersection of highways 96 and CB, near the Appleton International Airport” and was turned over to the postal service.

Outagamie County is a key GOP-leaning district in swing-state Wisconsin, which has backed the Republican nominee in 13 of the last 15 presidential elections.

“The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” spokesman Bob Sheehan told the news station.

The postal service did not disclose how many ballots were included in the trays.

The sheriff’s office told the Washington Examiner that it was “mail going to the post office.”

ABC9 in Cincinnati also reported and showed video of a mail carrier was captured throwing away trays of mail:

And In 2016, a postal employee was caught on surveillance camera dumping mail, including a real estate firm’s mailers, into a dumpster behind a pizzeria in Lee County, Florida.

“People are missing out on bills, they’re missing out on letters. It could just be anything, anything important and necessary,” one resident told the news station.

“I’m a little saddened by it,” a man said. “You rely on the postal system and now they failed you.”

Yet Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have held up any additional unemployment and stimulus check funding for nearly 3 months — demanding that Trump support a “National Vote-By-Mail” system to mail out tens of millions of unsecured ballots, leaving our entire election in the hands of the USPS.


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