Latino Network Telemundo Asks Viewers Who Won Debate – Democrats are STUNNED at Response

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by Joe Callen

Most online polls are showing that President Trump won his first debate with former VP Joe Biden Tuesday night.

Polls with huge responses like this are typical on Twitter:

But of course the major networks — as they did in 2016 with Hillary Clinton — ALL gave the edge to Biden.

ABC by 10, NBC by 9, and CBS by 7 pts…

But then the #1 Spanish-language network on Earth, Telemundo (owned by NBC-Universal), asked their Latino viewers who won the debate, and the answer was stunning…



Trump by a whopping 32%!

Liberal anchor José Díaz-Balart of “Noticias” looked pretty butt-hurt about it when he made the announcement…

Democrats online were stunned and left unable to explain these numbers.

But anyone who has been paying attention knows that Biden and his running-mate Harris have had MAJOR problems with Hispanic voters.

They simply don’t like them!

In Florida especially, the Trump campaign is doing a great job of linking “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and revolutionaries.

And it’s working…Trump is now running EVEN with Biden among all Hispanics in Florida — a 12-point increase over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

NBC News is freaking out about their favored candidate in trouble with the critical voting bloc…

And Kamala Harris was recently BLASTED for an “unwelcome” surprise visit to a South Florida Venezualan restaurant — which caused a huge public relations nightmare:


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