Watch: Woman Loses Her Mind Over Trump Supporters Outside Walter Reed Hospital

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by Ron Kersten

It seems that so many people on the left have completely lost their minds over their hatred of President Donald Trump.

Just looking at social media and seeing the crazy conspiracies can really give one pause, a lot of it propagated by the media. The media whips folks up into a frenzy with false reporting and craziness against Trump. They don’t care who they harm in the process and they are harming a lot of people who fall for it, who become manic over the things like Russian bounties, Russian conspiracies and other debunked stories.

I don’t know what was going on in the mind of this woman outside of Walter Reed hospital. But I do know that the woman who was flipping out at Trump supporters there sounded like her trolley had long since left the track.

She was apparently offended that Trump supporters had a right to be in “her” neighborhood and claimed that she’d been “assaulted” by them to the to police officers who were standing right there. But obviously the police appeared unimpressed with the claim, likely because they saw no such thing. Then she really lost it when the police continued to be unmoved by her entreaties and kept insisting that they do something, while also being belligerent with the cops and refusing to give her own name. The police did their best but then just had enough.


When the “assault” didn’t seem to go anywhere, the woman tried the Trump folks “weren’t wearing masks” and “that’s illegal!!!” The last thing real cops want to do is be the mask police. But what was funny on top of all that was that the woman who was screaming about masks had her own mask keep slipping off and she had to keep adjusting it, not even realizing what she was doing. That’s the thing about thinking masks are a magical protectant without understanding the basic concepts of viral transmission.


The best part was the end, “You’re going to jail,” when it was very clear that not only weren’t they going to jail but that the police thought this woman was nuts. Who wants to bet she was for defunding the police as well?

Actually, that is LEGALLY true as well…

TDS infects the entire media as well, and they FEED psycho Karens like this.


2 thoughts on “Watch: Woman Loses Her Mind Over Trump Supporters Outside Walter Reed Hospital

  1. I left the Democrat Party after Obama’s disaster. People like this lunatic forced me to conclude that democrats are completely ‘nuckin futs’.

  2. Did you see the mug shots on the sign being held by Mike, one of the Trump supporters outside Walter Reed? All three mug shots were of this ‘Felicia’ lunatic who does this act at EVERY SINGLE Trump rally in the DC area. We have plenty of footage of ‘Felicia’ being the one doing the assaulting. She has hit us with signs, thrown frozen bottles of water at us, damaged our cars, and tries to ‘doxx’ us. We are in the process of bringing felony charges and the police were very aware of her reputation for insane violence.

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