Charges Filed Against Trans Elections Judge ‘Erika’ Bickford in Pennsylvania — Including Ballot Tampering

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by Ron Kersten

Charges were filed against the election judge in Allentown’s 3rd ward on Monday.

“Transgender” Judge Everett “Erika” Bickford was charged with two election code violations including prying into ballots.

The Morning Call reports the following:

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin on Monday announced charges against an elections judge in Allentown’s 3rd Ward who was accused of tampering with ballots during the Democratic primary race for state representative between Enid Santiago and Peter Schweyer.

Everett “Erika” Bickford was charged with two election code violations: insertion and alteration of entries in documents, and prying into ballots, both misdemeanors.

Allentown, in Lehigh County in Pennsylvania is the focus of the song from Billy Joel in 1982, “Allentown“.  The song was about the unemployed steel workers in the area.  It looks like the city has changed over time.

The Morning Call continues:


During an interview with detectives, Bickford said she did not alter any ballots or change the voter’s choices, but admitted darkening some bubbles they chose, Martin said in a news release. She estimated that she darkened voters’ bubbles about 30 times, Martin said. Bickford also said she “trimmed” ballots’ jagged edges so the machine would accept them.

Bickford was not charged with altering or changing votes to favor either Schweyer or Santiago, who were vying for the Democratic nomination for the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s 22nd District.

All I can say is to this is, aside from it likely being just the tip of the iceberg of Democrat fraud and electoral cheating…

What the hell happened to Pennsylvania?


13 thoughts on “Charges Filed Against Trans Elections Judge ‘Erika’ Bickford in Pennsylvania — Including Ballot Tampering

  1. This is what happens when we pander to the left’s incessant desire to tamper with our children’s education and cater to mental illness in the guise of gender “identity”…we get freaks of nature like Bickford and Levine. If you value your children’s health and mental well being–STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT.

  2. What is worse isn’t the mental illness, it is the supposedly sane people playing “Emperor’s new clothes” and acting as if these spiteful mutants are perfectly normal and deserve to be in positions of authority instead of locked in rubber rooms.

  3. People with mental disorders should not be in a position of power because THEY HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER!

  4. How does a guy like this ever become a judge!? LOL! At least he got busted cheating. Cue the stale Democrat claims that there no evidence of Dem election fraud…

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