Michelle Obama Releases Video Saying Trump is “Racist” for Saying Black Lives Matter Riots are Violent (Video)

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by Ron Kersten

Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs have caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May. In Minneapolis alone Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Despite these facts Michelle Obama cut a video on Tuesday where she insists the BLM riots were peaceful. She then says it’s “morally wrong” and “racist” to say the BLM riots were violent.

Michelle Obama: Whipping violence and intimidation? And they’re pinning it all on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity. It’s true! Research backs it up only a tiny fraction of demonstrations that had any violence at all. So what the president is doing is once again patently false. It’s morally wrong and, yes, it is racist! But that doesn’t mean it won’t work… When people hear these lies and crazy conspiracies repeated over and over and over again they don’t know what to think… And one thing this president is really, really good at is spreading confusion and lies to win.

Mrs. Obama was (rightfully) ridiculed and castigated all morning:

Sen. Rand Paul’s wife, who was attacked by a BLM mob on the streets of D.C. clapped back:

The race-obsessed Mrs. Obama wrote her college senior thesis on how resentful she was that she got into Princeton because of affirmative action, with her low SAT scores and poor grades in high school.

But despite being handed that huge opportunity, she has done nothing but accuse America of being racist even since.

So this latest, desperate race-baiting attack on Trump should surprise no one. And disgust everyone.


5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Releases Video Saying Trump is “Racist” for Saying Black Lives Matter Riots are Violent (Video)

  1. So is she saying that the cause of the violence is white supremacist Trump supporters? Is that why the Democratic party bailed them out of jail, to do it over and over again? Did the money stolen from ATM machines, that the rioters broke into, go to finance the Democratic party for bail money? Why is it that the majority of the BLM protesters are paid, brain deranged, white people, is it because black people are too smart to carry out the dirty work that can land you in jail for ten years? Why is is that only Democratic controlled states refuse help from Trump and the National Guard? The racist card has been over played and Michelle is more confused than her gynecologist.

  2. The facts speak for themselves, in Democrat Party Elected Led CITIES! The path of destruction, burned out businesses, crimes committed upon law abiding citizens, Riots and Civil Unrest!

  3. Michelle Obama is nothing more than a classless skank who knows nothing about post presidential decorum……….Hate to say it but her $300K job with the hospital chain she worked with was nothing but an affirmative action gift while her husband was a senator and was never filled after she left………..Disgusting is the only civil word I can come up with to describe her………

  4. Black lives matter is a terrorist organization that has been burning and looting black businesses, of course they are violent, unless she is talking about the phrase ” black lives matter”‘ and that’s just a sick joke the democrats played on their negros. ( we’ll give em a pat on the head and say something nice to fool them again).

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