BREAKING: Republican Poll Watchers Being KICKED OUT of Philadelphia Polling Places (Video)

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by Ron Kersten

The “Big Steal” is already happening in Philadelphia — and it’s not even noon on Election Day.

Certified Republican poll-watchers are being thrown out of kept out of polling stations across the city — despite possessing legal documents allowing them into any location.

Here is GOP certified watcher Gary Feldman after being thrown out of one location, where the workers told him to “talk outside” (away from voters) — but then just reject him outright.


They said he was at the “wrong location,” and bizarrely that “if” he is legal he should “call the cops”.

But Philly allows watchers into ANY Ward or location — that is the entire point. One never knows where issues might arise that require inspection.

And reportedly it is happening all across the city:

Here’s one large place where they are keeping the GOP watchers — and only the GOP watchers — far from the action.

What are they hiding??

Like President Trump said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia”.


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