Nickelodeon Bet BIG on LGBT Indoctrination. Now the Ratings Just Came In…and They’re BRUTAL

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by Samantha Foster

Children’s channel Nickelodeon’s made a hard, shocking push to promote the “LGBTQ+” agenda to kids stuck at home during the pandemic over the past year.

In the last two weeks alone, both Nickelodeon and its preschool-targeted network, Nick Jr., have released videos championing “trans,” “queer,” and “pansexual” inclusion.

One video that sparked mass outrage depicted a cartoon version of drag queen Nina West (Andrew Levitt) singing about various LGBTQIA groups “loving each other so proudly” on “Blues Clues and You,” a show for two- to five-year olds. That same video showed a female-to-male transgender beaver who appeared to have post-operative surgical scars on its chest

In a separate live action video Nickelodeon posted to YouTube last week, West explains the meanings behind various LGBTQ Pride flags through a song:

The big propaganda push started last summer, when Nick execs decided to imply that its most popular character, SpongeBob SquarePants, was gay:

The company also recently announced that its reboot of “Rugrats,” a popular series that originally ran throughout the 1990s to 2004, will feature a single lesbian mom. Natalie Morales, the actress who plays the character, commented, “I think it’s just so great because examples of living your life happily and healthily as an out queer person is just such a beacon for young queer people who may not have examples of that.”

Reaction online came swift and brutally.

Pirates and Princesses, a popular entertainment site specializing in Disney-related news, reports Nickelodeon YouTube videos were “downvoted to such a degree that they’ve now hidden the ratio,” and all comments have been deleted and blocked… 

What was the reaction of the ViacomCBS-owned Nickelodeon to these reactions? They doubled down!

In a tweet retweeting West’s pride flag video, execs wrote:

Well now that the ratings just came in, Viacom execs may not feel the same way.

Since July of 2020 — during a time when American kids spent more time at home than the prior three years combined — Nickelodeon’s viewership dropped from 1.3 million average viewers per week to a June of 2021 average of only 372,000.

In other words, Nickelodeon has dropped more than two thirds of its audience.

This is particularly bad news for parent company ViacomCBS, which has been attempting to bulk up its streaming service, Paramount+, by adding several hundred hours of Nickelodeon programming to the platform’s library. 

Looks like that plan is in the toilet with a network wrecked by leftist propaganda. Get woke, go broke!

Now if only there was “Instant Karma” flag!


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