Pelosi: Americans Have a Low Opinion of Joe Biden Because They are Ignorant (VIDEO)

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by Samantha Foster

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Americans have a low opinion of Joe Biden because they are ignorant.

Inflation is at a 40-year high, gas prices are soaring, Putin invaded Ukraine, the supply chain crisis still hasn’t been resolved and a record number of Americans quit their jobs last fall.

Biden’s abysmal poll numbers show the overwhelming majority of Americans are deeply pessimistic about the economy.

According to Pelosi, Americans don’t like Joe Biden because they are ignorant and need to be told how great Biden is – by Joe Biden himself.

“For people to appreciate what the president has done…they have to know what it is,” said Pelosi.


“For people to appreciate what the president has done, and that working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi said, referencing a quote from President Abraham Lincoln on the values of “public sentiment.”

“With it you can accomplish almost everything, without it, practically nothing,” Pelosi said, echoing Lincoln’s view on public opinion. “But people have to know for public sentiment, too.”

Noting that “people still are suffering” in America, Pelosi said the “issues th at relate to the well-being of the American are being well-served” under Biden. “There’s no one more empathetic than Joe Biden,” she said. “There’s no one who cares more. We’re so blessed that he’s president at this time because we do have to build America better and that’s what he is doing.”


Pelosi also told Mitchell that she would be ditching her face mask to attend Biden’s address to Congress and America at the Capitol on Tuesday evening.

“I’m not going to be wearing a mask tonight. If I had little children or if I were around little grandchildren, I would, because some of them would not be vaccinated,” she said. “Or if I were around a person, or was a person, with some kind of condition that would make me susceptible to it.”

Announced Sunday by Congress’ Office of the Attending Physician, the Capitol lifted its mask requirement on the House floor just days before Biden’s speech.

Once a large proponent for masking in the House chamber, even issuing fines to sitting members of Congress who refused to wear one, Pelosi said she now believes people “have to use their judgment” when determining whether to wear a mask to the address.

“I’ll make my own judgment that I won’t be wearing a mask tonight,” Pelosi reiterated.

How convenient.


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