Biden Meltdown: Snaps at Reporter Asking Him About Recession “Don’t Make Things Up!”

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Joe Biden snapped at a reporter Monday after she asked about fears of an economic recession.

The president spoke to reporters on the beach on Monday morning as he spent time with his family for the Juneteenth holiday.

One reporter asked about a growing number of economists voicing concerns that a recession was more likely than ever.

A large group of economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal said the US is entering a recession in the next year.

The market is down and the GDP contracted this year.

The Biden economy declined 1.5% in the first quarter of 2022.

The federal reserve last week announced a 75 basis point increase of the fed funds rate.

Inflation rates and gas prices are at record highs.

Joe Biden took a leisurely stroll on Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach Monday as Americans suffer under his disastrous presidency.


Biden snapped at a reporter for daring to ask about the current/impending recession.

“The majority aren’t saying that. Don’t make things up! OK! Now you sound like a Republican politician — I’m joking! That was a joke, that was a joke,” Biden said.


The wheels are starting to come off this clown car…


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