EPIC! “Brandon Falls” Now Listed as Google Landmark Where Joe Biden Fell Off His Bike

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Joe Biden fell off his bike while riding near his home in Delaware last month, resulting in a video clip that caused global ridicule.

The clip abruptly stopped after he fell, as a horrified NBC cameraman likely wanted to limit the damage, but it was far too late. The Secret Service swarmed around Joe thereafter and got him back to his feet.



Now someone has placed an official landmark on Google Maps to commemorate the embarassing fall.


It’s labeled “Brandon Falls,”

and as of late Monday afteroon, the new Brandon Falls landmark was still LIVE on Google Maps!

The mighty Google has been punked!

If Google had any sense of humor they would just leave it, for the entire nation to laugh at.

But being loyal Democrat leftists, you know they won’t. So let’s enjoy it while we can!


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