AOC Pretends to Be Handcuffed After ‘Arrest’ at Abortion Protest Outside of Supreme Court

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday seemingly pretended to be handcuffed after being escorted away during a pro-abortion protest outside of the Supreme Court, generating mockery across social media, as U.S. Capitol Police arrested over a dozen members of Congress.

The protest took place on Tuesday and featured several lawmakers, some of whom were actually arrested.

A viral video shows an officer escorting the New York lawmaker away from the Supreme Court as a nearby woman shouted, “Abortion rights are under attack!” Ocasio-Cortez can be seen walking with her hands behind her back, creating the illusion of being handcuffed. She then raises a fist in the air, confirming the absence of handcuffs.

The stunt generated a wave of mockery across social media.

“That’s because she’s a performer, not a Congresswoman…” one user wrote.

One called her a fraud, and another user observed, “Almost as good as her fake crying at that random fence in Arizona.”

That response recalled AOC staged “crying” at a “facility that separates immigrant children” in Arizona in 2019 to attack President Trump – when in fact she was just performing next to a fence around an empty parking lot

, miles from the actual facility.

Some U.S. lawmakers — 16, according to authorities — were actually arrested at the SCOTUS today.

Others were as well. But AOC was not officially “arrested” at all, according to USCP officials.

Capitol Police actively warned demonstrators that arrests would be made if they continued to block traffic:

UPDATE: After ridicule on Twitter that AOC was not among the 16 Reps arrested, the Nancy Pelosi-controlled later issued a bizarre “correction” — adding one more (presumably AOC) to make it 17 total.


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