Megyn Kelly: ‘Trans Women Are Not Women’

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

A tweet from former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is going viral after she argues transgender women are not women.

In response to a tweet that reads “Trans women are women,” Kelly fired back saying, “No they aren’t.”

Kelly also insists “we can be respectful” to trans women “while not abandoning reality.”

“There are massive differences between women and trans women. We can be respectful to people while not abandoning reality,” Kelly said.

Check out the tweet below:

More on this story via Townhall:

Media personality Megyn Kelly called out a feminist group for claiming that trans women are indeed women…

As the Washington Post notes, “transgender women,” that is, men who pose as women, are not real women. They are men wishing they were women, perhaps putting on effeminate affectations, but still not women.”

Kelly then took aim at the University of Pennsylvania for nominating transgender swimmer Lia Thomas for the NCAA Woman of the Year nomination.


Describing it as a “disgrace,” Kelly asserted that Thomas is not a woman.

“Lia Thomas is a trans woman who lived the first 20 years of her life as Will Thomas, a man. She only decided to transition in 2020 after swimming three seasons as a middling competitor on the men’s team, ranking in the mid-500s. On the woman’s team, the very next year, ranked No. 1,” Kelly said during an episode on her podcast.

She also pointed out key differences between a man and a woman, one that should be common sense, however apparently it is not.

“They swam with growing breasts, growing hips, more fat on their bodies, less upper body strength than their male competitors…they swam with shorter legs … thinner and weaker muscles than the boys. They swam with periods, and cramps, and bloating,” Kelly said.


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  1. The only thing I have to say is that females have a XX chromosome one and males have an XY chromosome. That cannot be changed.

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