Video Shows Miraculous Moment When a Man Catches a Toddler Falling from the Sixth Floor of a Building

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Video of a man in China’s Zhejiang province has gone viral after he was filmed saving a toddler falling from a window of a sixth-floor apartment.

In CCTV footage uploaded to Twitter, the man is seen on the phone on July 19 as he runs to the front of the building and briefly slips. He then looks up and catches the rapidly falling toddler in his arms.

The video cuts to CCTV footage of the building and shows the 3-year-old girl sliding out the window and quickly tumbling down.

After getting treatment at Tongxiang Second People’s Hospital on Friday, the toddler was discharged.

The man told Chinese media that he heard a bang coming from the top of the apartment building and looked up to see the small toddler. tumble out from the window. He described himself as lucky to have caught the girl in time and explained that it was pure instinct.


People in Zhejiang hailed the man as a “hero,” with incredible instincts.

“Tribute to common heroes,” one user wrote.

“For parents with children, add a window protection or window safety valve to your home,” suggested another user.



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