We Want Their Names: Lawsuit Filed to Expose Identities of Epstein’s Clients

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

Lawyers for the media outlet Gateway Pundit have filed a legal motion seeking to publicly release the names of the clients of Jeffrey Epstein, according to Western Journal.

The notorious list of clients was heavily discussed during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A civil suit is still ongoing by Virginia Giuffre, who was a victim of sex trafficking by Epstein and Maxwell.

Gateway Pundit announced that it is seeking to intervene in that civil case to have the list of names made public.

Jim Hoft said, “Where are you, New York Times? Where are you, CNN? Where are you, Fox News?”

“It’s almost like corporate media is protecting the disgusting sexual abusers, simply because the victims alleged Epstein’s clients consisted of powerful businessmen, politicians, former presidents and prime ministers, and other world leaders,” he wrote.

Maxwell recently received news that she’ll be moved to a cushy Florida correctional institution that offers yoga, Pilates, and flag football.

This “low-security federal correctional institution” offers “recreation, leisure and social programs” designed to “help develop an individual wellness concept.”

Critics claim this is Maxwell’s reward for not divulging “the visitors guest list” on her and Jeffery’s island. According to the handbook for the prison, its “programs include indoor and outdoor activities, and range from individualized arts and crafts programs to intramural team sports such as softball, basketball and volleyball.”

The prison also offers “programs of occupational training, with apprenticeships and courses in horticulture and even cosmetology.”

Many Americans are rightfully outraged that Maxwell’s living conditions will be this comfortable despite her disturbing crimes.

More from Western Journal:

The motion to have the names made public said that “the most crucial information that the public is demanding to know remains hidden.”

The motion notes all of the legal proceedings against Epstein, whose 2019 death was ruled a suicide, and Maxwell.

“Yet, despite all of these charges and allegations, the government has not revealed to whom, other than Epstein himself, these women (minors at the time) were trafficked,” the motion said.

“The world is clamoring for information as to who these world-renowned abusers are (hereinafter the “Epstein Client List”),” the motion said.


The motion noted that the list may be in different forms.

“Perhaps Epstein and Maxwell were well-organized and kept a client list; perhaps one has been compiled by the Department of Justice or another third-party; or perhaps it may be susceptible to compilation from an inspection of extant records,” the motion said.

“Movant-Intervenor TGP Communications, LLC, d/b/a The Gateway Pundit wishes to report on the Epstein Client List. Although this Court has been engaged in a process to unseal records that never should have been denied public access in the first place, the records of these proceedings are replete with pseudonymous parties and some documents (or portions thereof) remain under seal,” the motion said.

The motion said any document that names the names of clients should be made public.

“To the extent any document or portion thereof is sealed and it names an alleged client of Jeffrey Epstein, i.e. a person to whom a minor was allegedly sexually trafficked, that document or portion should be immediately unsealed. The public has a right to know,” the motion said.

The motion said the case is not one where secrecy must triumph.

“To the extent the identities of the Epstein clients appear in judicial documents, there must be compelling reasons to seal them,” the motion said, adding “The compelling reason and facts must show more than mere conjecture, and more than embarrassment, incrimination, or wider exposure of the facts to the public.”

“Ultimately, mere privacy concerns are insufficient to warrant sealing of records. This is not a case involving merely spurious and defamatory allegations—Maxwell and Epstein are convicted criminals for their participation in the sex trafficking at issue,” the motion said.

The motion said that in the normal course of events, the information would have been public by now.


12 thoughts on “We Want Their Names: Lawsuit Filed to Expose Identities of Epstein’s Clients

  1. This could go all the way to the Supreme Court and Roberts would not allow it to be heard. IMO Roberts is compromised and does what his handlers tell him.

  2. I cannot believe she was allowed to get through this trial without it being mandatory to turn over the list of clients! It sounds like she is going to be living a posh life with protection from those on the list.

  3. I just don’t understand how, under discovery of Maxwells trail other crimes are now not being sent to court. The people who are on the “lists” broke the law and abused people. They should not be allowed to go unpunished. I pray your lawsuit reveals and exposes them all. I’m afraid with big money and blackmail we will never hear or see it.

  4. Won’t happen. Too many big names & it would bring down the installed puppet government favorable to Jewish interests. Why does anyone think the trial had a Jewish judge?

  5. Won’t happen. Too many big names & it would bring down the installed puppet government favorable to an illegal nation in the eastern Mediterranean. Research who the judge was in the trial.

  6. I’m not ready to think that, because it was a Jewish judge the client list didn’t come out. I could believe criminal investigations against those on the client list are under way and that may be why the list hasn’t come out but for the fact Merrick Garland is a weaponized idiot who is only after one witch. But I do think the public has a right to know. It might help resolve all this corruption. If it doesn’t, it might deter some. We might get a chance to go after the real abusers of power. What have you got to hide?

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