‘What the Hell is Going On’ in Arizona? No Votes Counted in OVER 16 HRS as Sec. of State Comes Under Attack

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Maricopa County and the State of Arizona have not updated their primary election results since 2:30 AM in the morning.

They quit counting when Kari Lake pulled ahead.

The crucial vote for Republican nominee for AZ Governor has been frozen in time for nearly a full day:

Lake’s would-be Democrat opponent in November is radical leftist Katie Hobbs — who is currently Secretary of State and responsible for this mess.

Tuesday night, Pinal County announced they “ran out of ballots” — after just an hour of voting!

And the “McCain Mafia” RINO GOP is also suspected of foul play to keep Lake out of the running.

Kari Lake asked what millions of Arizonans are still asking hours later: “What the hell is going on?”…

The Maricopa County elections department tweeted this out at 2:42 AM on Wednesday morning.
They all went home with 20% of the vote left to count.

It’s now been over 12 16 hours since they shut down their counting in Maricopa County.

50 minutes ago they posted a new video of elections workers back counting in Maricopa County.

The county insists this is legitimate.

They are making a mockery of the election process in America.

And, of course, they say they are calling every voter to make sure they can count the vote even if there are errors on the ballot envelope.

And now Maricopa County is mocking the election integrity crowd saying they are delaying the vote totals because, “We follow the law.”

What a crock!

When a reporter finally asked Katie Hobbs about what the hell happened in Pinal County, she squirmed…

UPDATE: Lake said these electional shennanigans are exactly why she ran in the first place, and if she is allowed to win, she pledges to fix them:


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