They Put a Child Test Dummy in Front of a Self-Driving Tesla. It Didn’t Go Too Well

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

We probably shouldn’t be laughing, but come on now, Tesla.

Apparently there were multiple vehicles being tested. Tesla has its own ‘Tesla Vision’ to warn the driver of their surroundings. While the black vehicle being tested in the video has LIDAR (a similar technology.)

We can see pretty clearly that the LIDAR technology works fairly effectively, and stops before injuring the child. Whereas Tesla Vision…uh…could use some work to put it kindly. The child they are trying to avoid gets straight up obliterated by the Tesla. Not a great look.

The issue here is that up until this point Tesla has refused to use LIDAR technology when they are producing their vehicles. Maybe after this epic failure of a test video, they’ll change their tune. Honestly my favorite part of the test has to be the interior and exterior reactions from both men. If this were real, that child is dead, no doubt.


Here’s the cockpit view of the cars tested…

Tesla fanboys were enraged, and said – of course it didn’t stop – the “child” wasn’t moving!

Those folks quikcly got owned…

My own sons have, many times, for no reason whatsoever, stopped in the middle of a crosswalk or street, and just looked down at something in curiosity.


2 thoughts on “They Put a Child Test Dummy in Front of a Self-Driving Tesla. It Didn’t Go Too Well

  1. Of course, the child wasn’t moving. Sometimes they freeze when they realize something is going to happen.

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