AZ GOP Gov. Nominee Kari Lake Just Nuked Her Democrat Opponent Who is Too Scared to Debate Her

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

It was revealed last week that Arizona’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is considering skipping out on debating her Republican challenger Kari Lake.

As the Arizona Secretary of State, Hobbs is the state’s top election official and she strongly maintains there was no foul play during the shady 2020 presidential election.

Now, Hobbs appears too scared to debate the Arizona politician who has been the most vocal regarding the fraudulent voting system in the state and across America.

The Hobbs campaign released a statement last week, saying, “We will not engage in a circus that insults and embarrasses Arizonans. We do not need to look further than the last debate Kari Lake participated in for such an example.”

Of course, choosing to evade the debate will not look good on Hobbs.

The Trump-endorsed Kari Lake issued a direct statement on Monday, calling out Hobbs as a “radical” and challenging her to a debate…

“Debate me,” Lake said. “You name the time and you name the place. And to make things even easier for you, I’ll let you choose the moderator. Hell, I’ll even let you write the questions.”


She continued, “Seriously, your consultants can write every single question. Ask me anything. This is your opportunity to prove to the people of Arizona that you actually have a tiny sliver of respect for them. I’m making it unbelievably easy for you. Think really hard before you turn down this chance. I don’t think you’ll do it. I think you are a coward. Prove me wrong.”

Lake is a former news anchor who has been Trumpian in her fiery battle against the American political establishment since she first announced her candidacy.

Now, the GOP gubernatorial candidate hopes to save the state of Arizona as Democrats allow it to be invaded from the southern border.

Hobbs is right to be scared of Lake, who has shown a unique talent for quick, witty responses to adversaries, like her rapid-response to a CNN reporter’s attempted ambush on the campaign trail a few months back:


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