Liberal Hosts Seething as Greg Gutfeld Crowned New ‘King of Late-Night’

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by Josh Ford | 24News

It appears that many Americans are getting tired of watching liberal late-night hosts like CBS’ Stephen Colbert and instead are tuning in to watch Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld.

Gutfeld’s late-night show, “Gutfeld!,” has been averaging 2.19 million viewers a night. This makes him the new “king” of late-night television as others lag behind.

In comparison, Colbert’s show is dropping behind at 2.15 million viewers.

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel also averaged fewer viewers than Gutfeld. The Daily Show also lost to Gutfeld.

In the most coveted age group by advertisers, viewers between 25 and 54, Gutfeld averaged 358,000 viewers.


This swing in viewership indicates that many Americans may be getting tired of the left-wing hosts ABC, NBC and CBS.

“Gutfeld” is a breath of fresh air as he’s not afraid to criticize the Joe Biden and the Democrats who are wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy.

More from Daily Caller:

The roundtable format show that brings together Gutfeld and other regulars like George “Tyrus” Murdoch and Kat Timpf with a variety of newcomers launched in April 2021, Fox News reported. It won the Impact Award during the 2021 Fox News Media Spotlight Awards in June.

The last time Colbert’s show did not finish first among late-night talk shows was January 2017, according to Fox News.


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