Woman Tries To Stop Arrest Of Attempted Murder Suspect, Cop Knocks Her Out (Video)

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by Josh Ford | 24News

A woman named Tamani Crum learned a brutal lesson as she attempted to interfere during the arrest of a murder suspect. The moment was all captured on video.

The suspect, Elvin James, has been charged with attempted murder during a fight. He is said to be Crum’s boyfriend.

It was reported that James was carrying an illegal ghost gun, and the arrest was considered high-risk.

The officer was trying to push Crum back. However, she returned to interfere and one of the officers punched her in the face knocking her to the ground.

Crum was helped up and placed under arrest for a single count of second-degree obstructing criminal administration.

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Crum’s family is filing a lawsuit ag ainst the officer who punched her.


The Detectives Endowment Association is considering filing a lawsuit in the officer’s defense.

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“Criminals in NY have grown accustomed to there being no consequences for their dangerous, illegal actions – but when you assault a New York City Detective in order to interfere with an arrest of a man armed with a gun there are repercussions,” the union said in a statement. “As the [Detectives Endowment Association] explores a possible civil suit on behalf of our dedicated member against the woman who attacked him, we urge politicians to open their eyes and see the public safety disaster they’ve created.”

Elvin James was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and attempted murder as a hate crime.

Officer Kendo Kinsey was placed under investigation for his response to Tamani Crum’s interference. Even if he is found to be justified in his handling of the situation, he faces lengthy and costly legal ramifications.

Crum intervened in a situation in which officers were trying to arrest an allegedly armed and dangerous individual. Her interference put officers and civilians at risk and had to be stopped quickly. Disturbingly, many are outraged over the officer’s reaction while giving a pass to someone who could have gotten innocent people injured or killed.


13 thoughts on “Woman Tries To Stop Arrest Of Attempted Murder Suspect, Cop Knocks Her Out (Video)

  1. Well done. Equal rights in action. If he’d done it to a man that attacked him the same haters now attacking him would instead be cheering. I don’t care if the female criminal only slapped him, him being a man was right to resort to a full on punch. Females shouldn’t get away with striking a man even if all she did was slap. Him being compared to thugs beating people in the streets was idiotic. I guess if she’d stabbed him with a knife and he’d shot her dead he’s still be the villain. Honestly these sexist just expect a male to just stand there and do nothing while letting a female attack. I don’t care if all the female does is slap him, the man has a right to respond with a slap, upper cut, round house or whatever physical force he wants. Society needs to stop treating females like some kind of holey objects that are to be protected and worshipped.

  2. They seem upset that is wasn’t a fair fight. If you want a fair fight, go box in a ring. Police officers don’t get paid to lose fights. They get paid to do their job, and if you step up to one, you are going to lose. This doesn’t mean police brutality gets a green light. It means that we charge the officers with the responsibility to force lawfully accused people into custody, then we also have to give them the authority to do so. If you challenge that authority, don’t cry victim when you get run over. You asked for it, and you got it.

  3. Momma’s crocodile tears are hilarious – she is just after the money. Hope they throw the book at her daughter. These people that think they can do anything they want with no repercussions have got to learn. If you hit someone, you will be hit back!

  4. She interfered with a police officer attempting to arrest a possible murderer. She got what she deserved. She should never have interfered to start. Did she think she wouldn’t get hit, well she guessed wrong. The officer was correct to do what he did.

      1. I wish she would have gotten worse. These liberal nut jobs need to stay in their own lane. She should be sued for obstruction of justice.

  5. If you swing on an officer in commission of his duty, you better be ready to take whatever he dishes back to you.

    This bullshit of officer interference needs to STOP.

    If it takes people being knocked the F*** out? FINE!

    This kinda behavior puts officers and bystanders at risk

  6. Agree with all the other commentators. She was the aggressor and had no right to interfere with a legal arrest. The office should be lauded for taking quick action to prevent escalation and possible injury from an armed perp who has already shown a willingness to murder.

  7. Tired of these black people not taking responsibility for the their actions. Have some respect. Cops are there to uphold the law. You can’t make up your own laws by attacking cops, looting, etc. They call other people “entitled and racists” yet black people are THE BIGGEST racists and entitled people on the earth. Fix yourselves

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