With Electric Grid Under ‘Critical’ Strain, California Activates Gas-Powered Emergency Generators

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

Just one week after passing a law to ban all non-electric cars and trucks by 2035, and just days after begging owners of electric vehicles NOT to charge them, California has made another move that shows the catastrophic effect of their “green” hysteria.

Due to the current “critical” strain on its electrical grid, California has declared a statewide grid emergency and facing the potential of rolling blackouts, California has activated four gas-powered emergency generators.

You heard that right. The same Gov. Gavin Newsom who is forcing his citizens to buy only electric cars can’t power his own state with enough electricity NOW – when less than 10% of all registered cars in the state are electric-powered.

And Newsom’s regime is using gas-powered generators – Just one year after passing regulations to BAN natural gas appliances, and heat and hot-water heaters in all new home contruction.

And many analysts have said it is impossible to meet the projected need for all-electric cars in the state – EVER.

Do these people even realize they are insane?

More from KPMH:

The California Independent System Operator ordered departments to fire up the generators, which were installed in 2021 for emergency use only. These generators can channel roughly 120 megawatts to the grid, produced by burning natural gas — enough to power 120,000 homes in a state with a population of over 39.2 million.

California’s power grid is under immense strain, especially now with a heat wave prompting residents to stay indoors and turn on air conditioning.

On Monday, the ISO threatened “rotating outages unless consumers can reduce their energy use even more than they have so far.”

Rotating outages have become all-too common in recent years. California’s grid operator began rationing power and selectively turning out the lights in August 2020, when 800,000 homes and businesses were affected. The outages lasted from 15 minutes to hours at a time. Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom then accepted blame, saying, “We failed to predict and plan for these shortages and that’s simply unacceptable.”

Two years later, and with 100% reliance on renewables by 2045 still the Newsom administration’s objective, shortages persist.

With so-called renewable energy proving unreliable (e.g., hydroelectric generation has been adversely affected by low water levels), California hasn’t just had to activate gas-powered generators.


Last week, Newsom signed a bill to lend $1.4 billion to California’s last remaining nuclear energy plant, which was previously destined for dereliction despite producing 5% of the state’s electricity. Newsom cited the need to maintain “energy reliability as the State accelerates the transition to clean energy.”

California – and states that emulate it – are facing a catastrophe with Democrats like Newsome in command.

100% renewables? 100% electric vehicles? ZERO natural gas in homes or businesses? Insanity.

One former environmentalist who now exposes the lies of the “Green Mafia” explained the sheer impossibility of meeting California’s electric, in 10 years, 20 years, or ever:

Dr. Michael Shellenberger points out that California would require 20 new nuclear power plants…while it now has ONE that it is trying to shut down!

But they absolutely refuse to build any new nuclear plants. And it cannot be done with “wind and solar” only, as Gavin Newsom insists:

The inmates are truly running the asylum in California. Will its citizens wake up before it’s too late?


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