Middle School Boys Create ‘Pedo Database’ to Track Teacher Creeping on Girls, Gets What’s Coming to Him

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

Chivalry is not dead and a Rhode Island middle school teacher is put on leave thanks to a student-created “pedo database” tracking him creeping on twelve-year-old girls.

Starting in sixth grade, boys at Davisville Middle School noticed one of their teachers, who was also a coach, getting way too close with the female students. He’d make the girls dance for him. He’d give them pet names. He’d treat the students like he was Joe Biden spotting a girl in pigtails.

Sometimes they’d laugh. Sometimes they just kind of just sit there awkwardly. Even the ones that said he was “creepy” laughed because they were obviously not trying to tick him off or anything. So they’re just fake laughing, awkwardly laughing.

When the students would speak up, no adults would take them seriously.

Worse, the teacher himself reportedly “told the students that for nearly 30 years, he’s dealt with complaints from parents and there was nothing anyone could do to him.”

The male students viewed that as a challenge. In January of 2021, they created a “pedo database” named after the teacher on Discord, a social media platform that allows users to communicate privately.

The students would log the teacher’s creepy actions

 and bad touches as they happened in real-time so there was a record.

This is now the official chat that we will later use as evidence against (the teacher) about pedophilia in case anything does come up in the future and we do turn out to be right.

The database proved to be useful this year.

The teacher was removed from the school over allegations he stalked one of the middle school girls and was “inappropriate” with others. Again, the school ignored complaints. That is until an attorney for one of the girls threatened to take out a restraining order against the teacher.

The public was asked to come forward with any information. One of the students came forward with their own “pedo tracker.” Then dozens of girls came forward to share their inappropriate and even sexual contact with this sicko.

It’s now being shared with lawyers, the school district, and the U.S. attorney’s office.

One more pedo teacher taken away. Well done, lads.


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