Basketball Players Ignore Warning Not To Kneel At Game, College President Takes Action

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by Josh Ford | 24News

President David Olive of Bluefield College received news that the school’s basketball players continued to kneel during the National Anthem despite him telling them to stop immediately or face consequences.

Some players continued to kneel as they reportedly believe it’s their way to take a stand against racial injustice.

However, Olive shot back that the protesting reflects poorly on the Virginia school. He informed the team that he is suspending multiple players who refused to stop kneeling.

“The basis for my decision stemmed from my own awareness of how kneeling is perceived by some in our country, and I did not think a number of our alumni, friends, and donors of the College would view the act of kneeling during the anthem in a positive way,” Olive said in a statement.

“I have heard, and I understand the perspective of our players as to why they desire to kneel during the National Anthem. I also know this form of protest immediately shuts down a number of individuals from listening to the intended message because of their perspective regarding the flag. No individual’s sincere motives are inherently wrong.”

“But I continue to contend that we will not get to where we want AND NEED to get as a country in addressing these racial issues without making honest attempts at creating pathways that bring people together for a common cause.”

According to one source, the team was about to play a rival team when Olive let them know that he was suspending multiple players who refused to stop kneeling, which resulted in a forfeit of the game.

“As I conveyed this to VP Walker and Coach Morgan, I denoted that anytime a student athlete puts on a jersey that says ‘Bluefield College’ on it, the message is no longer just the student athlete’s message but that it becomes the message of Bluefield College. Pointing to the already fractured and divided nature of our country, I did not want Bluefield College contributing to the further divide; rather, I wanted the College to bring people together in a united effort to address issues of racial injustice,” he said.


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Of course, the players were upset with Olive’s decision. Despite the president’s warning, player Jewels Gray claims that the administrators had told them prior to the season’s start that kneeling wouldn’t be a problem.

“Why would our school contradict what they said?” Gray said. “We had meetings before the season with [the athletic director] and the president, and they stated that we can kneel and they’d support and be behind us, 100 percent.”

Although Gray admitted that the team has been restricted from speaking to the media, he still criticized the college administration and insisted that they gave conflicting messages. It is unclear whether there will be consequences for players making statements to the news.

Bluefield College president David Olive is sticking by his decision to not allow players to kneel during the National Anthem at college games. His reasoning is that they are representing the college as a whole as well as their fellow peers and community, and their method of protest is controversial and upsetting to many.

There is a time and place for protesting. When you’re utilizing the platform that someone else has built, you’re at their mercy. Despite the good intentions these players have, their method hasn’t done a single thing to actually fight racial injustice. In fact, it’s only causing further division.


83 thoughts on “Basketball Players Ignore Warning Not To Kneel At Game, College President Takes Action

    1. You ancestral mother’s were most likely breast feed and care for by women of African descent. Their lives mattered, and your ancestral mother’s thrived because of them. Was that some bs, you damn ignoramus?

        1. I would not say AA’s, but I would say slavery and the resulting persistent underclass of people from the oppression and repression. People from Africa who migrate here are quite different than a large segment of those born here.

      1. I suppose the college president. No place to defile our flag. Stand for the flag and be proud. People died for it

        1. There are so many better and more effective methods for fighting for the black community-volunteer to tutor, mentor, help education people especially young people who may not have that kind of support. Rally for your side of a court issue and help something happen. Being disrespectful means you are doing what you think is being done to you. What a waste of time these players are.

      2. You’re nutso. MY ancestral mother was most definitely not involved with slavery. And that’s true of over 98% of Americans today. Slavery is horrible, still practiced in other parts of the world. But it was less than 5% of the population of the US during its existence here. Learn some honest history and a bit of math. Get real for God’s sake.

      3. So you feel that blacks are a different race than whites? I thought you just said BLM? If they matter to you. Then you will stop accepting them as a lesser race as our government does. We are all from the same race. The Human Race! That is scientifically proven. Blacks are another nationality not another race. So a racist would be a person who hates everyone and including him/her/she/he/they.

      4. Fyi, white people survived and thrived without black people long before black Africans sold black Africans to white people.

        1. Not only did they sell them to “whites”, they also owned them… so not sure why”whites” are such the bad guy in the situation? And if “whites” are such bad people for buying them, then why did they fight to stop slavery in the US? Makes no sense to me. ‍♀️

      5. The national anthem has nothing to do with your so called racial injustice! The way you act has everything to do with racial Justice! Acting out in the name of the flag shows just how ignorant some are!

        1. I agree, they are playing sports for the school, nothing else.
          Why don’t they take a stand against the countries that still practice slavery in this day and age? Are all of the teams American-Africans related to slavery?

      6. When you learn how to spell you will have the right to voice your opinion no matter how ridiculous it might be!
        The President said and did the right thing! Those players represent the institution and while doing so they have a responsibility to the school, it’s alumni and to the rules that the institution have put in place!
        Their actions are a reflection of the lack of respect, honor and the rules of law by institutions or government!

      7. A person can protest on their own time. If they are representing a team, HS, College or Professional, it is the wrong place. If they feel that strongly about it stop playing the sport. However we know that will never happen as they make too much money, or would have to give up their scholarship.

      8. Jan, Black Africans sold their own flesh and blood to the white-man AND to the black-man for some chump change circa 1600-1700-1800-1900’s. Even before that, the white-man were slaves to the white-man before your black slaves even existed. History is a bi*ch huh? I bet you are the same type of person who thinks Elon Musk isn’t African-American because he’s not black huh?

      9. The donors have spoken. Too bad for you and your never ending protest at what is supposed to be a “sports event”. Notice the emphasis on “sports event”. They can always go stand on a street corner somewhere with a sign and protest to their hearts content.

      1. So what is the repercussion for killing young men and women of color. See that is two face it is ok for you to kill and mistreat people but when someone bring it to light and you are faced with the truth you quick to dismiss it. Why is that!

        1. When are blacks going to stop with the victim shit. Your facts are all wrong. There are more whites killed by police than blacks. Even though blacks are the minority they cause the highest crime rate. Black on black crime and murder is way higher than anything else. Why is that never mentioned??? I suggest you take a look at the overall culture and figure out why these numbers are where they are and stop always acting like the world owes you something. If we ever want to really get passed this racial bullshit we need to all take a look in the mirror and stop acting so entitled. Nobody owes anyone jack shit, you make your own choices, live with the consequences of those choices!!!!

        2. no, Kenneth, no one is saying do not bring it to light, rather just the opposite, they are asking for the epitome of bringing it to light which is always a way that is open to what is being desired, shutting the door and not respecting the flag is not bringing anything but to light which is the truth. He who is the Light is Truth, follow His Way of Light in Truth and this will be remedied.

          1. If these young black athletes would stop going to these “white” colleges and universities and attended HBCU’S instead, they could change the face of college athletics and the fortunes of black schools.

        3. If you want to bring something to light, shine the light on statistics. Many more black against black violence and murders than white against black.

        4. The very issue you bring forth is WHY people are killed. But let’s turn your comment around- what are the repercussions of someone breaking a law such as black on black murders EVERY WEEKEND IN CHICAGO? What are the repercussion of a COP BEING beaten or worse murdered by a group of terrorizers?
          It goes both ways?

        5. Who, what , when, where and how are you talking about “So what is the repercussion for killing young men and women of color” – find the culprit and prosecute!
          Young men and women of color are being killed by young men and women of color in their own neighborhoods in many cities that out pace, of what you are inferring whites doing it! When are you going to stop the killings in black by blacks in neighborhoods from gang wars, drug wars and drive by’s, personal vendettas?? Too many of them are innocent young children are being killed in the cross fire too! Most of these cities are De-moc-RATS controlled cities and have been for a long time.

        6. The people who killed young men and women of color are the ones that should suffer repercussions. When you say “See that is two face it is ok for you to kill and mistreat people but when someone bring it to light and you are faced with the truth you quick to dismiss it.” you are projecting things that are just not true. You are more of a racist as you suggest that every non POC be punished for those that committed atrocities and ignore that many of these crimes are actually POC on POC violence. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

        7. You mean like in Chicago where the blacks are slaughtering each other? Everybody knows about that. Nobody needs to bring it to light. Everybody also knows about the complete hypocrisy that someone like you embraces which completely destroys your concern and credibility. You’re a huckster and a con trying to promote this BS. It’s not a concern unless you first focus on why the blacks are killing each other. Otherwise you’re lying and don’t really care as you have a different agenda to promote.

    2. The college administrator did exactly the right thing. It’s time to stop pampering and coddling these athletes. Let them protest on their own time.

    3. These young adults are pushing their limits.
      I totally agree with the school, stand your grounds, don’t let these young adults push there beliefs where they don’t belong.

        1. there was no protesting, and the game was still gonna be played…but I bet you’re ok with j aldeen voicing his indifference to the country rather than him just shutting up and singing.

    4. It is SOOOO refreshing, that someone in authority makes this decision, instead of “backing down” to the political pressures of today!.. I whole hearted SUPPORT the decision that was made to STOP KNEELING at the games, and I FULLY RESPECT this college President in taking the stand he did!! BRAVO!

    5. So, just let the official yank “Civil Liberty” outta the Constitution???
      You’re actually dumber than you try to convey!!

    6. Hmmm…so Dr. King was BLM, huh?? John Lewis was BLM, huh?? Oh, and I’ll bet you have NO IDEA what “antifa” stands for, right?? Do yourself a favor: go and read Dr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail”, and then, after that, research Jackie Robinson and his thoughts on the flag and anthem. You might be surprised what you discover. Oh, and one more thing: when you look into Mr. Robinson, remember this: HE IS PART OF THE GREATEST GENERATION THAT FOUGHT IN WWII.

    1. A great job telling them who is the boss. There are rules because this is affecting their job as if they didn.t know that. In every job you have to obey the rules and listen to the boss. As he knows many AMERICANS are against not resecting the Anthem. Instead of spoiled brats wanting their way a nd to be treated like kings.

      1. If you are NOT the boss, you don’t make the rules. You have two choices – accept the rules of the boss (in this case, the school President) or LEAVE!!

    2. This is a wize man. College games and any sports games should not tolerate this behavior. You are in the USA the only one in the school who is making a problem is them kneeling. Not the time or place for them to do this.

      1. Praise to president Olive that was the right thing to do I’m tired of hearing all the crap they are kneeling for that are others that have suffered and you don’t see the doing that it’s time to reunite then fighting among us .

  1. Good for the President. He’s absolutely right. The sports arena is not the time or place for anti-American political activism. Especially regarding our nation’s flag that stands for all those who gave their all so we could be free. I’m pretty sure these self-centered brats haven’t a clue what they’re disrespecting or why. If they still feel compelled to disrespect our national anthem, flag, & Constitutional Republic then leave!!! Move to any of the Marxist countries they admire so much.

  2. I 100% agree with the coach! This is not the place for your opinion! This is a school. Not your home. Keep your kneeling to home and church!

  3. Finally someone who will hold people accountable for their actions!! When did we become a country of so many who hate us? More importantly, why don’t they leave???

    1. Most players are probably on grants and scholarships. If they miss 3 games for not standing

      they should lose their free ride.

  4. Finally someone taking a stand to this. They represent the school not their cause. Should have been kicked off the team. The members of the team were warned ahead of time.

  5. I think the President is one of the best people for doing it. It just leads to unjust and more division. It’s not about race, quit blaming it on that. It’s about our country and what is right. I would do what this man says everytime. No one owns anybody anything. If you love it, work for it.

    1. Like this country didn’t START with that!! You obviously have NO concept of history, because if you DID, you’d realize that the aftermath of Bacon’s Rebellion, which happened about 60 years after Africans were brought here, created the “race wars” that we still have today…and that came about because the RICH COULDN’T HANDLE THE WORKERS COMING TOGETHER; instead, they separated them by race, gave whites advantages over blacks…and THAT began the issues we’re still fighting over today.

  6. Guess some people forgot the golden rule , those with the gold make the rules s—- on the a— holes that think there in charge the big guys will win

  7. Then don’t recruit players that will kneel. IF you are worried about how “some” people perceive it, recruit from that group.

    1. That is the worst statement anyone could make, we are all made in the image of GOD and skin pigment dose not affect a person’s value in society. I’m a gringo of the altment white with not very nice skin but God loves me anyway and dark skin is most always a lot smoother than white skin. Just cause the white man got dominance in this country early on doesn’t mean that the dark skinned people can’t apply themselves [example Ben Carson] . I’m 82 yrs old and in my life time I have had many black friends that has lived the american dream better then me and several that have no real enichitive to learn to work and that with white people also. The only way to real PEACE is to know the God of the universe whitch we learn from reading the Bible and it says the the LORD Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God, so learn from the bible about the Death, Burial and Resurrections of the Lord Jesus for us so we can join him in his life now and for Eternity and that he gives us peace.

  8. LMAO… Unintelligent College students that still think there are more than one Race, when there is really only one race on all of Planet Earth…

    The Human Race

  9. no, Kenneth, no one is saying do not bring it to light, rather just the opposite, they are asking for the epitome of bringing it to light which is always a way that is open to what is being desired, shutting the door and not respecting the flag is not bringing anything to light, which is the truth. He who is the Light is Truth, follow His Way of Light in Truth and this will be remedied.

  10. The BLM players need to get with it. They are playing college ball, no one wants to hear their crap that somehow they are oppressed. Kick them off the team, and send them back to their mama.

    1. Slavery has and always been evil, including in America. However, if there had never been slavery in America, the blacks now in America would all be living in a Sub Sahara semi nation, in a mud brick thatched roof hut, and subjected to tribal and religeous wars, poor food, rampant disease and poverty. God Bless America

  11. they are disrespecting their own people who fought & died for this flag & country. blacks makeup 20% of the military. 12+% of all KIA are black. so these ignorant clowns are disrespecting that 12+% of their own who died defending that flag & what it represents. Nobody owes you anything, quit practicing the Gansta culture & for being 14% of the population & committing 55% of U.S. crime. Wakeup blacks were emancipated 157 yrs. ago it’s about time you all quite, playing the victim, whining about ancestorial history, and looking for the free handouts

  12. The vast majority of citizens in this country are not responsible for racial injustices, nor do they agree with how or why the injustices are poorly handled. What I’d be interested in knowing is how many of the players who have knelt for our national anthem have stepped forward to support better results for the victims of these injustices by forming study groups who can effect change? Protesting our national anthem disrespects the men & women who died for our freedoms. Certain things should be treated as sacred, our anthem is one of those things.

    1. You seem to forget that many African Americans fought for this country too…AND WERE STILL TREATED LIKE SHIT AFTER. So please, spare me the “patriotic” BS, because it’s both misplaced AND incorrect.

  13. Good for this college president. It is about time someone stood up to this disrespect. This is why I have quit watching sports.

  14. Good for the President! 1st offense: suspend them for 3 games. 2nd offense, take away their scholarship if they have one. Time to grow up, snowflakes.

  15. They are playing sports for a college education. They are there are not there for any politics or causes. Play the sport to the best of your ability as per the contract you signed and leave your political opinions out of the sports part of it. Your opinions and 2 bucks will get you a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. Honor your contract or leave it. All colleges will survive without sports. Entirely too much emphasis is on sports these days and the coaches of the sports are paid too much The main reason tuitions are so high. Education is the main goal. Abide by the schools rules or get out !!! Semper Fi

    1. What…1st amendment rights die just because YOU, or this “president”, can’t handle what they’re saying?? I agree that we put too much emphasis on sports in colleges, and all schools really, but that doesn’t connect well when you’re simultaneously ignoring CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, or WHY they’re being used the way they are. It makes it worse when you ignore the reality that this country doesn’t like ANY “quiet, peaceful protests” done, then has the AUDACITY to complain when riots occur AFTER all the “quiet, peaceful protests” went unheeded. As Dr. King himself warned, “RIOTS ARE THE VOICE OF THE UNHEARD”. MAYBE, instead of complaining about the “quiet” acts of defiance, you ought to ask WHY they’re being done, and then LISTEN to the response. You MIGHT learn something.

    Alumni donation to colleges isn’t for all the nonsense! Play ball! That’s what people pay to see!

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