Mugger On Parole Dies after Two Men He Tries To Rob with Fake Gun Turn the Tables on Him with Martial Arts

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by Becca London| 24News

Robert Compton, a parolee, allegedly tried to rob two men who turn the tables on him. The incident ended with Compton dead.

In the beginning, Compton pointed a fake gun and told them, “give me all your s**t. One of the men grabbed the gun and used martial arts to bring Compton down.

Restraining Compton, they called 911. Police gave Compton CPR and transported him to Staten Island University Hospital North, where he was pronounced dead.

Compton’s cousin, George Pirola, said, “It sounds like it should be investigated a lot more.”

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“So, two guys, why didn’t they just hold him down, call 911? That’s that, I’m experienced in martial arts; my wife is too, and you know when you have somebody passed out, and you let it go at that point,” Pirola added.

The attorney for the two men being robbed said, “clearly acting in self-defense.”


More on this story:

Compton had a long criminal history, sources told the Daily News, which also included grand larceny. WABC said he also assaulted a police officer.

He spent over four years in prison for an attempted robbery charge and was paroled in December 2019, the paper said.

The city Medical Examiner performed an autopsy on Compton’s body but said more tests are needed to determine his exact cause of death, the Daily News noted.


“I’ve known him since he was a little boy,” Richard Vitale said of one of the men who turned the tables on Compton, according to the Daily News. “He’s a stand-up guy. I heard a rumor that he took karate. He’s outgoing, he has a lot of friends. He gets along with everybody. He’d be the last person I would think would be connected to this.”

Vitale added to the paper that he believes his neighbor was in the “wrong place” at the “wrong time.”

“Our clients, two hard working young men, were the victims of a terrifying armed robbery by a career criminal,” Louis Gelormino noted to the paper. “We are grateful that the District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD conducted a complete and thorough investigation of this matter. Our prayers go out to the family of the deceased.”

The men who fought Compton are both 29 years old, according to WABC. But the Daily News reported that they are both 33.


4 thoughts on “Mugger On Parole Dies after Two Men He Tries To Rob with Fake Gun Turn the Tables on Him with Martial Arts

  1. UH ….. So why is it these days ?
    l mean when WE ( DECENT / law abiding Citizens ) take the criminal element down , WE are subjected to any Bull Shit investigation !
    OK , so turn em loose with a Huge THANK YOU , Then do your checks on the story they tell …. Then if all is True , just call & tell them Thanks for removing this guy from society !

  2. Sad that a life is lost,,BUT, If that life was a Danger to EVERY ONE ELSE. Well, we have one Less “Danger” on our streets. It’s evident he was NOT going to change HIS LIFE STYLE.

  3. I get so sick of this crap. Your doing wrong and if I stop u, I’m wrong when are we going to be a society that stops this crap, taking up for bad behavior. I’m an older white female. Years ago I stopped by a young white cop. Td me to get out and stand away from my car. I was in a subdivision were he turned on his siren and lights. He was right behind me. Everyone was looking out their doors and windows. I did as I was told and didn’t argue. After he ran everything, came and said I had a brake light out. We make the bad one, doing wrong, the hero. Then wonder why we have so much chaos.

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