160 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting, Includes Teachers and Disney Employees

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

Our favorite law enforcement officer is out doing the Lord’s work. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd held a press conference this morning, outlining the 160 people arrested in a large human trafficking sting, including prostitutes, people seeking to procure sexual services, and other people related to the sex trade.

Out of the 160 people, only a handful of people arrested were from Polk County.

Judd took a moment to address the victims of human trafficking before bringing attention to a few people who were caught up in the sting. One of those people was Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima. Another was a state corrections offer. Another worked at a public high school as a computer technician out on bond for having sex with a student.

Carlos Gonzalez is a math teacher at New Dimensions High School who was also busted in the operation. He was one of the few from Polk County. John Layton is a track coach at West Orange High School and was also arrested for attempting to solicit a prostitute, and he was arrested while wearing a shirt from the high school track team!


“Where would we be with an undercover operation and no Disney employees?”

A bellhop and an independent photographer contracted by Disney were both caught up in the sting, too!

You’re welcome to watch the entire press conference. Sheriff Judd weaves in plenty of good jokes and witty commentary–which is just another reason why we like him so much. The first reason is that he’s a law enforcement officer who is actually out to enforce the law and get bad guys off the street, and he’s supported by other people in the justice system in Florida who are out to do the same. And they don’t allow people who aren’t out to enforce the law to poison that system.


2 thoughts on “160 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting, Includes Teachers and Disney Employees

  1. Society has been Circling the Drain for decades. MOST of it started in the “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” 1960s. I see it as the Start of our downfall. Families destroyed, Drugs introduced to MORE of our kids, Shacking up, spitting out kids then moving on with NO regard for the welfare of the children. Sadly, now those same morons are in positions of power and have NO PROBLEM skirting the law and doing NOTHING about what is ROTTING our Country at its core. Now the Internet offers Free Porn and ways get away with committing crimes that would have NEVER crossed the minds of our grandparents. (Most of them anyway). We will NEVER fix this until we START BEING PARENTS and not just our kids ‘Best Friends”. They don’t need BEST FRIENDS, they NEED PARENTS. We also need Laws to be Enforced, Remove Corrupt Congress Members, Mayors and DAs that STOPPED do the jobs for which they were HIRED.

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